Chick that has been zipping for 12 hours, help!


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The chick started zipping around 10 am (pipped around 12 am). It's pip was a little odd. It has been chirpping like crazy even before it starting zipping. It's zip is wide and irregular. I think It has made it about half way around. It has turned in its egg. It is still breathing, still trying to push the egg off and still chirping, not as much as when it started. The humidity is running between 62% and 65%. I have had one chick already hatch perfectly, like in less than 8 minutes. Also have three more pips of which one has started zipping. Thos all look good too. Should I just sit and wait? Do I need to intervene? What if I do, I have to open the bator? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


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as hard as it is, you must leave it alone.
If it is the very last one, then I would help it. The last time I helped one, it only lived 3 days, and the 4 eggs that hadn't pipped at that time never did. The chicks in those 4 were fully developed and fully dead when i opened them 3 days later. My temp & humidity came right back up, but there's new data on CO2 level being important to hatching. I'll come back 7 link that thread when i find it.


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I wouldn't open the bator with others right in the most critical stage right now. Like the other poster said if it was the last one I would help it out... I wonder if you shouldn't try to get the humidity up a little more... I am no kind of expert but it seems to me that at this point a humidity of about 65 and slightly above would be good, stop the membrane drying out especially the chick that is taking its time. If it has gotten this far there is a good chance it will be able to finish the job. I have had chicks that took about 24 hours to get out and were fine. Be patient!
You don't want to jeopardise the others by helping it now. Good luck, I know how VERY hard it is to keep hands off right now but it is worth it in the long run. Keeping your little one in my thoughts keep us updated as to how it all goes!


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I had one that did the same. Wide, irregular zip. Seemed perfectly strong. When I stopped seeing breath signs I picked it out and helped it. It was too late. A perfectly formed chick whose head was at an odd angle and toes were coming out the hole. No blood, so it was ready. My humidity never fell too much from opening and neither did my temps. Wish I had intervened earlier. But I agree that it can jeopardize the other eggs. I read on here yesterday about CO2 influencing hatches, and it makes sense to me. So even though temp and humidity stayed stable, it still could have caused my other problem, which was having another that had pipped on the bottom and I didn't know it and it was also perfectly formed but never hatched. Now I wonder if opening the bator to get the struggler harmed the other one who might have made had I not opened.

Just sayin' though, that in the future, when I see an odd zip and feet or wrong parts coming out the hole, I will still probably intervene. Especially when it's trying as hard as this one was to get out (mine) it was not a weak chick.

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