Chick that paddles it's feet but wont walk

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11 Years
Dec 26, 2008
Port Angeles, WA
I hatch a lot of chicks. Had 50 hatch this weekend. Every once in a while I will get a chick and they usually are the large ones that gets stuck in their shell, I help them out and then they paddle their feet and flap their mini wings, but never stand up. They can muddle around the floor of the brooder and to date they have all died. Probably can't get food and water properly. Does anyone else have this happen? Do you know what it is caused from? One guess it that they get so big in the shell that maybe their legs break or become deformed?

Thanks for any ideas.
I had a large one I hatched with helping

And it was as u described
But I then would absolutely band aide at it's lower leggs as if it had spraddle leggs
Every couple of hours dip it's beak, and eyedroppermof water to make sure it got water
Drop food right in front of it, somit could reach it, and vitamins and sugar..etc

But you said, it probably can't get to the food and water

Yes, that's why they pass away..I would venture to guess

Maybe if u see this happening, if u want too
Do what I did..
For several days and see then if its got better strength, the minute they become dehydrated, their weak, and won't drink then at all let alone gain legg strength

Hopefully this helped, and nope nom clue as to why it happens, it just does..just like some women have some overlarge babies, for various reasons..I would think same as chicks
and best of luck to u
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Yes I have seen what you describe with the dehydration. That makes sense. So I gave him some water, he is sitting in the food bowl (he doesn't get run over so much in there) so he is good there, and I put the band aid on his legs. This does seem to give him more stability because one of his legs wanted to go to the side before. But he still can't stand without help. Will do as you suggest and see if he gets stronger. Thanks!
Okay, separate him from the others so he/ she isn't trampled u did..mine would just on his bum, or fall straight forward

Keep him warm

Then u want to keep on with the water, dip, and eye dropper water, feed some plain yogurt also, and put some on the tip of your finger and put it under beak, on edge of beak, a few swipes..sometimes u see them swallow

Imsismthis every couple hours and yogurt swipe 3 times a day
Make sure your water has vitamins and sugar in it

Yes, my little one after 4 days..pulled thru

Some don't..but some do, this is why you give it a try

And I left the cut strip of band aide on the legs, for a solid day..took it off the next to see how he would do..not better, we wrapped like u do for spraddle legg
I finally 3 days..the band aide I put on no more because after a few hours with it off I saw him walking much better

Also mine didn't stand either for 3 days..just fall over and I would prop him back up, but if they can't themselves get to the water and feed then we do it for them

Still fed and watered him 4th morning, he was walking to the food and water just like everyone else

And grew to be a frizzled solid jet black, green eyed Cochin rooster

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Thank you for the help! He is still doing ok. Still feisty which is a good sign. He is taking the water well, but not eating. So I will try the yogurt. He lays down with both legs to the side. Thank you for the encouragement that yours turned out to be a nice bird! That helps me want to help mine. =}

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