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May 7, 2015
My chicks are around 2 weeks old right now and I was wondering if there is some sort of timeline for them. I keep hearing different things.

For example, when can they move outside into the coop and when can they have access to the run and then the yard?
I let them outside for very brief periods during the day when i am watching them and it is warm.

When can they start eating things other than medicated chick feed?
What should the temperature in the brooder be like?

Im seeing as they get bigger and am getting a little concerned as to what to do for their living situation when they are 6 weeks+.
What do you all use as a brooder when they are bigger. I have eight of them so space will become an issue.

Lastly, the man building our chicken coop told us to immediately stop using a heat lamp and start using a 100 watt bulb instead to prevent fires, etc. I am concerned about them staying warm enough with a 100w bulb and imagine that it will have to be much closer to the chicks than a standard heat lamp.
Any advice on this. They are in my room at the moment and wherever they may live I am always concerned about the heat lamp from all these horror stories you hear.

Thanks so much!

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