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    One of my Silkie chicks has a strange problem. When she tries to poop, she only seems able to get her feces about halfway out of her body no matter how she strains. I've washed her little bottom repeatedly but I don't think it's "pasty butt" or dried feces blocking her ability to pass her stool. Instead it's like her muscles just aren't strong enough to move the poop all the way out of her body. Her bum also seems swollen to me, though not irritated. Otherwise her behavior is normal - she's in the brooder with three other chicks and she seems to be eating, drinking and sleeping just fine. Does anyone have any thoughts on what this problem might be? Will she eventually grow out of it and become able to have complete bowel movements? Thanks for any advice.
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    Jan 17, 2013
    if she's straining you are really going to have to watch for bowel prolapse. it's when the bowel because of straining is pushed outside the vent. when you say she's swollen this worries me. Do you think it's possible (this is just a thought) that the swelling is preventing her from fully expelling the feces? to check for blockage you can get a Q tip and soak the tip in oil or lubricant and VERY GENTLY AND CAREFULLY insert a SMALL PORTION of the Q tip into her rectum and the lubricant might help her pass her stool more easily. it will also tell you if she has a hard impaction in the area. Be Very very CAREFUL and don't insert the entire tip of the Q tip because silkies are so tiny you don't want to harm her. see if the lubricant helps. if you feel she's NOT impacted and it is possible that her swelling is preventing her from fully expelling her feces you can try and Shrink the swollen tissue by using preparation H for hemorrhoids. just make certain the medicine does NOT have any numbing agents in it. it may sound strange but preparation H creme is also used on Hens to shrink their tissue during prolapse. of course only YOU know to what extent the chick is swollen so this will have to be a personal judgement decision on your part. Always only do what YOU are comfortable doing. These are just some possible suggestions which may or may not (dependent on her issue) be successful. I really wish I could be of more help. The most important thing you can do for her in my opinion is make sure she's not impacted. sorry I couldn't help more.

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