Chick with bald spot on belly

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    Apr 1, 2012
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    Hello, I have a two week old Maran chick that I today noticed has a long balding spot on her belly. She has been growing fine and feathering out. When I picked her up today she kind of made more noise than normal and seemed distressed like I was hurting her. I flipped her over and saw that she has a line a few inches long along her belly that seems to stand out. It is not completely bald and doesn't appear to be bleeding or otherwise injured but her skin is definitely visible. I put her back in the brooder and she began eating as normal. Temperatures are good in the brooder and there is plenty of room for them to move out from under the heat if they desire. The chicks are all eating/drinking well and chirping happily. She doesn't seem distressed until I pick her up.

    Should I leave it be or does this sound like a serious problem? I cannot find any more info on it through google except that bald spots may indicate poor health. I do not see the same on any other birds and the rest of her down/feathers appear normal. I lost two chicks from this batch that were weak when they arrived but she has always seemed strong and healthy.

    Any advice would be much appreciated from some chicken experts. This is my first batch.

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