chick with broken keel bone?

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    Hi All
    I JusTGot A New Batch Of Baby Chicks...They ArE One Week Old . The Ones Who Survived Shipping Are Doing Great. HoweverToday I Noticed My Buff Brahma Girl Appears To Have A "Mass" Between Her Legs. Like Looking Like A Toddler Running Around With A Full Diaper. She Gets AroundFine, Eating And Drinking Well,Output Seems Normal ....Acting Just Like The Others! I Maybe Could Say She Is Breathing Harder,And Potentially Lays Down In A Little Different Spot ...I Felt It And It's Hard And Maybe Attached, She's Not Thrilled When I Do That. Like Possibly The Back End Of A Keel Bone???
    What Could This Be
    How Do I FixI It/How Did It Happen?
    Is She Going To Be Able To Lay Normally If/When It Does Heal?

    Thank You For Any Help![​IMG]
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    Interesting. I was given a buff brahma from the feed store last year with the same soft squishy loaded diaper. Her's was slightly farther back. The store owner is extremely knowledgeable and she didn't know what was going on. She's 3 months in these pictures and you can still see it. By the time she started to lay, it was gone. She started laying the same time as the other pullets and is no worse at laying than my other brahmas.[​IMG]
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    [​IMG] Never cull until you are 100% sure that the chick will never live a happy life.

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