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Jul 15, 2015
We recently went to the local farm store and saw a chick with a tucked leg. There was one other with a deformity but it was too bad and we decided to leave it because there was nothing really we could do. This one could have a deformity but a lot of things happen when the chicks are transported, including injuries like this one. Its only a few days old and is a little red ranger, though its foot is curled and mostly tucked under it. It does stretch it out when it stands but it doesn't stand on it. When we try to help it it peeps loud like its in horrible pain. I usually just tuck it into my hand when its not in its box. I put a soft fuzzy slipper in there so it tucks itself in there and I monitor it so it doesn't get too hot. I dip its beak in water ever so often and it eats a lot and its poop looks normal. We found a complete tutorial on how to splint it but will it be good for the chick. And what way do we splint it? Straight, curved, angled? I am just very confused and I am hoping someone will help us out here. I don't want to have a chick in pain and not have a way to raise it and give it a chance. c:

I will provide pictures if needed, but its food doesn't look deformed just broken/sprained, possibly dislocated.
A picture of it trying to stand would help, as it would show how the chick is holding it. Injuries can occur, but deformities can as well, and so can diseases. We had some poor birds that acted like they were limping from an injury and it turned out to be progressive paralysis and they had to be put down when they could no longer stand. Splinting the leg just led to stress and worse paralysis.

I hope the little guy can get better soon. It sounds like you are taking wonderful care of him. Keep it up, chicks can make miraculous recoveries with just a little TLC. : )
Do you think that its just better to put him down? We took him out of feeling bad but he can stand and hop pretty well! He acts fine when I touch the joint or mess with his toes but when I try to straighten the leg he goes crazy, and I try not to hurt him when I pick him up. I will get a picture :D
I wouldn't give up on him yet. It could be a joint issue, in which case giving him some time will likely help. Plenty of one-legged chickens do fine into adult-hood anyways. As long as it doesn't progressively get worse then he should be okay and if it gets better that's all the awesomer!!
Update: Nebula has recovered very well and is now walking. Two of her toes go everywhere and her foot is a little stiff but she is able to run after me and Chase down bugs outside. Thanks for all the tips and I'm glad there were people here to help!
I just made a video today on how to bandage a baby chick's wing. My chick was struggling hours after arriving in the mail. She had Angel Wing and wasn't walking properly, either. Hope this demo can help someone else with a chick or chicken with a wing problem that needs to be bandaged or wrapped. Angel Wing/Split Wing is more common in water fowl, but chickens can also have the condition. For her limp I've used mostly gentle massage, stretching and resistance exercises, and she's getting stronger and more stable everyday. Glad to hear yours is getting better, too. Sometimes I wondered if I should cull my baby chick, but I'm glad I didn't give up!

Here's the link to the Figure 8 Wing Bandage. It can also be used for song birds with injured wings, and has been used successfully on chicks as old as 6 weeks or more! Hope it helps someone else out there with a wing problem.

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