Chick with Broken Leg??


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Apr 22, 2016
My Araucana chick was born last friday, a few days later than the others in her incubator, and wasn't walking and was sleeping an abnormal amount.
We decided to giver her a few days to see if she was just disoriented from hatching, but she only walked on her knee joints.
I came on the site to see why she wasn't walking and came across a thread on curled toes in chicks, and made her a pair of 'shoes' with some medical tape. She's been hesitant to walk on them, and has only been putting her weight on her right side. Her left leg is back to how it should be but she is still walking with her knee on her right side. She's putting her whole weight on it and it's gotten red and swollen. She peeps all night and last night i put a bandage over the joint as a cushion and she was silent all night.
We had a friend who is a vet tech come and look at her, and she says her joint is broken. She has been eating and drinking some, and we put electrolytes in her water. I'm worried her leg will get worse and was wondering if there was anyway we could heal the broken joint.


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I could not open your attachment, I'm assuming it's a picture. What you're describing to me almost sounds like a slip tendon. I had a chick with that while back. I did an article about it I think I titled it slipped tendon one chicks story. I'll see if I can find it and attach it to this.
Treating a Chick with a Slipped Tendon: One Chick’s Story

I could not figure out how to link the article but search the articles section with this title and it will come up along with pictures. I have had success a few times with this.

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