Chick with broken toe


6 Years
Jun 27, 2017
South Mississippi
My 3 week old chick showed up like this today. I honestly don’t know if this could have happened a couple of days before as I’ve been very busy. She is not limping, never has, and is scratching and roosting and playing with her sister. I was able to straighten the toe and she didn’t seem to mind, so I’m thinking I can wrap it and maybe straighten it. Any suggestions on how?
Thanks. She was hatched here by a broody that rejected her and the others at hatching. I was able to save these two and kept them inside for the first week and a half. I didn’t notice any bent toes at that time. They’ve been out in the big coop for the last week or two in fairly deep shavings, so I can’t see their feet so well. She seems fine, so I won’t worry.
ETA Found a pic taken just before moving out to the coop. Toe doesn’t look broken at this point
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That’s what I was thinking. Maybe vet wrap, just not sure how or how long it would have to stay wrapped:idunno
I don’t know much about doctoring chickens like this, but since she’s small, I’d suggest something small as well so it’s not cumbersome, like break the pointy ends off a toothpick or even wrap the ends in tape, and wrap the toe in tape. You’d have to change it every few days as chickens grow rather quickly... that’s just a suggestion, let’s see if any more experienced people give this the okay

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