Chick with deformed leg *updated*


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This silkie is 3 days old. I had a broody go bad and I had to take all of her eggs. This one I had to help out due to it getting shrink wrapped. I thought it would fix itself but it is getting worse. he moves around on his belly with his legs out and just flapping around. I feel so bad for him.
It all started with getting 27 eggs just days before the tornado in Alabama. Power being out of 4 days. All died but these 3 miracle babies.
What can I do for him?


Please help
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Yes, use that link! It should be upright and figure out how to get about after about a day. And then a week or so later, it will probably not need a band-aid anymore
Poor chicky. I had one that had one leg like that. You must do this as soon as possible or it will not form right. I had to leave mine bandaided up for 5 days till it could walk right without the bandaide. Good Luck!
I just done it with tape, he keeps flipping over on his side trying to get away. Do I have to keep sitting him up? Or will he be okay?
He keeps falling over on his side. So I took it off of him and it seemed to have helped a little he kinda hobbles around now.
You may have had the band-aid or tape too close together? I would watch the baby closely and if it is not able to stand up right today then tape it back up. In my experience, I have seen an improvement after 1-2 days but left the tape there just to build more strength.
I re did his leg and he still falls over. Maybe he is just to weak to stand? Maybe it is different for silkie b/c of the 5th toes? What should I do?
First of all, make sure the babies are not on a slippery surface! Take this one and put it in a small box with a small towel or washclothe formed into a donut shape with chick in the middle. This will support and prop up the chick and allow it to get some strength in its legs. It may take a few days and in the meantime you will probably have to hand feed and water. Most babies will get stronger and be able to walk in short order, but you can't let it stay in that splayed position. Take it out several times each day when you care for it and let it try its legs - sometimes it takes a few days, but I'm betting it will recover.

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