Chick with odd body and wing shape


Sep 19, 2016
Canberra, Australia
I have a chick that hatched under a hen almost 4 weeks ago. It started out with what seemed to be spraddle leg. I did splint it temporarily and do some “chicken physiotherapy” with it and it was up and running within 24 hours but it’s never really looked right in respect to it’s body shape - it’s legs almost look stuck on the side rather than under it and today I’ve noticed wing feathers on one wing are curling upward. The place I got the eggs didn’t have any frizzle birds but it almost looks like the start of frizzle feathers. I have photos of the wings today but haven’t been able to get a good shot of the body recently.

Any ideas what’s going on with this baby?


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Both legs are similarly positioned - so at the least it looks symmetrical in that respect. However when it hatched the right leg was more splayed than the left and the turned feathers are on the right.
I managed to get a few snaps this morning. It is the less feathered chick in the first two photos and the one closest to Mum in the last.


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Could be some kind of genetic anomaly, maybe from long term sibling breeding, or just a fluke.
Will be interesting to see how the next set of feathers grow out.
Only time will tell if it's a long term issue or not.

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