Chick with overbite...?


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14 Years
Aug 19, 2008
Just last weekend, 3 eggs hatched under our broody hen!
Here are the results:

2 Red Stars/RIR

1 Buff Orp/Cochin(standard)

The 2 Red Stars/RIR's are healthy and active and so is the BO/Cochin. But the BO/Cochin chick seems to have an overbite with her beak. The bottom part of the beak is a bit longer than the top part. Is this something to worry about? She was the first one to hatch. She's one of the most adventurous and active chick. And she is only 3 days old(as of today) so I don't know how well she can eat because she has been mostly wondering around under the mother hen. But when we took her out and let her explore nearby the nest, she pecked at the ground a little and seems to eat pieces of grain fine.
When she gets older, could the overbite cause problems? If so, would it be OK to trim her beak a little, once she gets older?

This issue, unless it is very extreme, shouldn't cause any problems. If she's doing everything normally, she should be fine. Trimming would be OK, from my experiences; but don't try to fix the problem on the first round with the clippers, or you culd hurt her. Good luck!

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