chick with possible broken left outer toe!

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Feb 3, 2011
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we noticed tonite one of our barred rocks has a toe that curls way out to the left. broken? or deformed? what to do if anything?
chick is about 1-1/2 weeks old.
thanks for any ideas.
I've heard if you catch it right away you can set them by wrapping them with pipe cleaners or making boots with band-aids. This is more of a bump than anything!
Check out this site, it has a few remedies for chicken problems.

Toe Taping

•Can be done on any age chicken to help fix individual Broken or Deformed Toes or improperly rotated back toe ("Duck Foot").
•Sports tape works well.
•When repositioning toes, make gradual changes. Be careful that tension from tape doesn't cause excessive pain or damage skin.

•Change tape regularly to monitor for infection and chafing, and so that tape does not inhibit healthy growth or restrict circulation.
◦At least every other day for young chicks.
◦Every 4-5 days for older chickens.
•*Be extra sure to follow instructions at top of this page for safe removal of tape.

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