Chick with the runs

I'm new at this, too, so i may be wrong... but what worked for my little guys was taking a tsp of yogurt, and mixing it in with the feed in a bowl, until it was crumbly like strudel topping, and fed it to them in my hand. They LOVED it and pecked a little too hard... but, they stopped having the trots, and think that everytime I put my hand in the brooder it is yogurt time.

I find that sometimes, mine get a little runny when we handle them too much... we have one, in particular, that is really nervous, and it seems to give her the poopies every time we hold her.
She seems, otherwise, healthy.
Oh, and depending on how old they are, make sure they don't paste up their butts... I have had to wash a few baby booties in my day and they do NOT like it.
Thank you DDawn, I feel like such a fussy mama! It turns out that the poo is 'ceacal' (sp?) Thank you sooo much! I saved that link to my favorites, I'm sure my hubby would find that very interesting!
Thanks again

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