Chick "yawning" or gagging impacted crop??? I'm not sure how to tell?


9 Years
Feb 20, 2010
Rome, NY
Hi all, I havent had much time to post since my chicks arrived 2 weeks ago. I love them and they are all happy and healthy. But today I noticed one of the Red Star's opening her beak occassionaly as if she were yawning or gagging. She is otherwise acting normal. I dont think I see or feel anything abnormal. Would an impacted crop in a 2 week old have symptoms like that? And if not what else could it be? None of the other 17 chicks are demonstraiting the same behavior so Im worried! Any help would be great!
I don't know what's wrong but my chicks do that, too.
A couple of weeks ago, someone posted here about yawning chick.
Next day the chick dead...

But mines are doing that for long time so I'm guessing nothing wrong with them.

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