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Apr 30, 2013
Oakfield WI
Looking to have chickens. I live in Wisconsin so our winters can get real cold. I want a pretty chicken, also friendly. I want a variety of eggs layers, some for large size, some tinted, and maybe some broilers. What are suggestions for these qualities? Can you put several different breeds of chickens together? Advice to start from chicks, feed and care! Love to hear your thoughts, and get to know other members!
Have an eggcellant day!
I like Orpingtons. Also- the Chantecler is bred for cold weather- you might have a look at those.

Ameraucanas are good for blue and green egglaying (Easter Eggers). Ameraucanas are a subset within the Easter Egger population- but are not called EEs- and are bred for specific colors and traits. So you can go with EE (from a hatchery) or Ameraucana (from a breeder). EEs can be standoffish but shy.

The best egglayers for brown eggs will be the Sex Links (Red Sex Link, Golden Sex Link, etc.). They are friendly to people but can be aggressive to timid chickens from my experience.

Orpingtons lay fairly well, but I personally like Black Australorps better in some ways, and they are supposed to lay more eggs. So if it were me, I'd have some Buff Orpingtons, some Black Australorps, and some EEs. Be sure to check out Henderson's Chicken Breed Chart as well as the breeds section of BYC!

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