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Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by Kovalciks Chickens, Sep 5, 2010.

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    Alrighty I have 52 eggs in my bator on day 16 the temp is set at 101.5 and stays there if not a little lower. I have 48 chicken eggs and 4 ducks. My buddy gave em to me and I just threw em in there....Are they going to be stink bombs and how much longer do they take than chicken eggs? I have never incubated ducks.
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    I have 3 duck eggs in with my chicken eggs right now too. Only because they were in with some eggs that I bought and I didn't know they were in the carton. I have heard that duck eggs take 28 days but maybe less depending on what type of duck plus they need higher humidity. I'm keeping my humidity the same as always for the chicken eggs and will raise it up after the chicken eggs hatch, hopefully that will work. I haven't candled the eggs yet to see if they are developing yet.
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    It needs to be down to 99.5 thats too hot for chickens and ducks-most duck eggs take 28, muscoveys 35. I keep my humidity at around 55% til lockdown at day 25 then I try to keep it at around 75-80% during hatch, some people mist their duckeggs with warm water daily and some people dont, Ive read pros and cons on both. Here is a link to Cornell university Many of us have done mix batches of eggs with both good and bad results-the only problem will be that the duck eggs need to keep being turned when the chicken eggs go in lock down so if you have another bator or can make a hatcher that will help. Also remember that duck eggs need to be rolled back and forth turned and that most auto turners for chickens dont work for duck eggs-good luck [​IMG] we have a sept hatching thread going if you want to join in and keep asking everyone info so we can keep helping you

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