Chicken and Ducks and Water


Mar 11, 2018
I am very new to all of this. Learning tons by reading and just watching them. I have 3 chicks and 1 duck that are 2 weeks, one chick that is one week and 2 ducks that are 3 weeks.

The two older ducks are constantly with the water-water everywhere. By the look of the water in the morning, they are playing all night long. My question is if they were in the coop(as I have read some put them in right away) they would be without water and food at night, so can they be without in the brooder? I don't think the rest of the gang is getting much rest with the playing all night long. During the day I'm leaving two waterers so they don't run out of water.

I have a rather large bowl that will go in the coop for them and a kiddie pool for the extended run in the summer a couple days a week. I'm probably not putting them in the coop for about 6 weeks.
I know what you're toing through! Or will soon! Ducks are soooo incredibly messy! I think you should probably leave the water in the brooder at night, it's ok when they're older because they wont really get up in the middle of the night for a drink like we do. I don't keep the water in the coop for a host of reasons...not going to talk about that now. But ducklings/chicks will quite possibly. But though I have never tried it (saw it RIGHT after the ducks were out of the brooder, ugh, lol) I found this picture of a food/water station setup I would 100% use if we had ducklings again (as they get older you will not just want but need something like this!) you can mofify to fit your situation but I higley recommend, seems like an awesome idea! Keeps the water off the ground so chips don't get wet. We were having to do a full clean out of the brooder (kiddie pool) 3 times a day because the chicps were SO wet!

*Pic found on Pinterest, of course, THANK YOU for Pinterest!

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