Chicken Ark - The "Coop de Ville"


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May 2, 2012
Just about done with our Chicken Ark, all that's left is to put some water based sealer on it today. Of course my OCD reared it's head as usual and maybe got a little carried away..............
Thanks for the compliments. I gave the exterior a coat of water based "UV flood" which will protect it and it really brought out the grain in the wood. I'm pretty sure my neighbor thinks I'm crazy, she came over as I was installing a vinyl floor in the coop area (for easy cleaning) and was giving me a funny look.

As far as the weight, its not too bad. It is 8' long and the "footprint" is 4' wide. Most of the wood is cedar, which is a "light" wood. My wife and I can pick it up and move it around quite easily.
The plans said 4-5 "regular" or 6 Bantams. It also depends on if you have a larger run or let them free range. We have 5 and are planning on letting ours free range during the day so they will only use the loft part at night to roost and of course lay in the nesting boxes.

I have seen the figure of 3-4 square ft per chicken in the coop and 4 sq ft in their run area. I have 16 sq ft in the coop area so that should be sufficient with letting them free range during the day. We are new to this and I went back and forth with deciding on a coop design to use.
Wow thats amazeing O.O want to OCD me one of those lol . I was curius though could you build something like that for a minimal amount of money if you had acess to scrap wood such as pallats or soemthing do you think .

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