Chicken arthritis? Gout?

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    Let me start from the beginning- a couple years ago when amber was a young pullet she started limping. We thought it was a broken toe so we bandeged it up and it seemed to get better. But after that amber has always had a slight limp in her left foot. Recently that limp has gotten worse and she is falling behind the flock. She is not being picked on or exluded from the group, but I hate to see my chicky having a hard time. So I've inspected both feet and the left "knee" appears to be much larger and diffrently shaped. She doesn't seem to be in any terrible pain but I still would like to know what is happening and if I can make it any easier on her. She is my sweetest chicken that loves to snugle on the couch so it realy pains me to see her in any sort of discomfort. Any ideas?
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    what color are her eyes??? If they are greyish or have changed to that color you may be looking at Mareks Disease.

    You might also have a dislocated hip.... Or some nutritional deficit. Selenium will often help with deficiencies as well as Vitamin E.

    Hope this helps!

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    Gout in chickens usually affects the joints of the feet, ankles and knees. Gout in chickens is normally diet related. Research for pictures and info regarding gout in birds.

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