Chicken Ate CLOTH

Sara S

Crossing the Road
May 13, 2020
My 6 month old Americauna had just hurt her leg so she’s quarantined in my bedroom and she got a hold of my shirt. The tag was already loose and she had ripped it off and ate it before I coulda grab it out. Is there a way I can make her cough it up or help her pass it? I just want her to be okay and I thank every one from my last post for helping me!
She will probably be just fine... I would keep and eye on her but don’t worry too much. I had a chicken eat part of the plastic on a bag of feed and nothing ever came of it.
One of mine snatched paper towel out of my hand and gobbled it. I left some labels on feed bowls and one of their waterers, without thinking they might try and eat them, but they picked them off and did just that. All mine have been fine.

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