Chicken attacked by dog


Dec 14, 2020
My chicken was attacked by a dog. Below are pictures of her wound. I initially sprayed her wound with chlorhexadine, then I picked up Microcyn from Tractor Supply, sprayed that in there, and wrapped her wound with gauze and one of those bandages that sticks to itself. She's in a makeshift coop in my house separate from her sister. I'm also trying to give her 250mg cephalexin twice a day (she's 4.2lbs) and 50mg aspirin twice a day, along with electrolytes in her water. She is eating and drinking. Is there anything else I can do? The wound is really deep and in one spot (not pictured) actually goes through the thin layer of skin where her wing connects to her body. I know chickens are resilient but are odds good of her healing from such a severe wound?


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It sounds like you are doing a good job. With any attack there can be the danger of internal injury. I would use the Chlorhexidene initially to help prevent infect. Plain Neosporin ointment twice a day after cleaning is good to keep the wound moist, and you can leave it uncovered to air. Use a clean towel or puppy pads for bedding to keep bedding out of the wound. Watch and smell for any signs of infection or abscess.
Thanks. I wasn't sure about the neosporin because I read in another thread that someone's vet recommended not to if muscles/nerves were exposed ("So, I called the vet (two days after the attack) to get his opinion. He said not to use neosporin or any oil based product is the muscle or nerves were exposed. He said just to use a sterile saline wash.") so I haven't done that yet
She should be fine, I have had birds make it through far worse with nothing but an extra heat lamp. And you are doing a great job caring for her too:thumbsup

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