Chicken BEAK is detaching? BROKEN?

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    Hello to all BYC members.

    Today, I noticed my Ameraucana hen has a loose beak or something of that nature. The actual bone on the very top of her beak is white and looks like it has cracks underneath. Only the side of the beak is what came off a little bit. There is not any blood nor is she in any pain from what I can tell. It looks as if it just needs to be pushed under the part where it came off off because the shape the the loose part is shaped in such a way that its almost like a c or hook and it would clip back on but I honestly have no idea what's going on. She's a great flyer and doesn't really ever land on her head for that matter, and she wipes her beak against the ground just as the rest do. I'm a little horrified and I would not want to see her loose her beak. She is the sweetest and friendliest out of all put girls. She's a year old tomorrow and like I said earlier, she's an Ameraucana.

    She's eating and drinking with no problem. I googled some stuff and some said to use super glue and tea bags to get it back on. I hold her everyday so I would've noticed an issue like this so I would like to treat it before it worsens,, I would be heartbroken if it really came off

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