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    May 13, 2009
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    As I could not find any thread addressing this topic: We have a chicken who was the friendliest bird (it appeared that way to us) who would always come up when we come and bring any treats or food. She would be the fastest one to get them, but later appeared to get a lower rank in the pecking order, and would ignore the flock mates in order to come closer to us. Now, as she has matured in size (she filled out considerably) she barely acknowledgs us. She just waddles off with an almost "oh, why bother, it's only you" attitude. The other birds show interest, but not her. Why might that be? Sickness? The colder climate? Maturity of the bird? We got the birds in the middle of April of 09--so that gives you an idea of their age. She matured later I think than some others.

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    Have you noticed the other birds warning her off? If she has been pushed down the pecking order they may be subtly warning her. She may have come to you earlier for protection but now that the flock is largely on its own, you are not in a position to be her mother figure. Just a thought...[​IMG]
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    I'm with LynneP. If she's now a lower dog on the totem pole, then she's been given a choice -- keep your place and do with out the treats, or get the treats and we'll take you out to the woodshed.

    You could try satisfying all the boss girls first and then slip her some treats on the side. But don't argue with the pecking order. You'll just upset the balance of power and they'll fight amongst themselves until it's straightened out again.

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