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    Oct 4, 2009
    hello Natural Chicken
    I forgot about this post cause I gave up on the bator for now...actually i had a Frizzle hen go broody so I gave her two eggs from another hen. One hatched, one died. Ill use her again though:p
    My franny story...she was my companion (not that I needed another with 6 kids and a host of animals) she just became accustomed to coming in the house in the morning, then she migrated to the bed. One day she layed one right on my sons pillow! Hows that for breakfast in bed! After that I would go out let the hens out and she would follow me inside the house. i usually work on my computer in the morn so she would sit with me (on the table, on her own mat) until she was ready to lay. She would lay her egg and then want out. Funny girl! I loved her as much as you can love a chicken! Unfortunately the baby let my puppy out when franny was in the house and she fell to a horrific death. My poor baby has never seen me cry like that. He felt so bad. Thats the story. i will miss her forever she was one of a kind!!! (she was a beautiful buff Turkin)
    OH BTW, me and my house serve the Lord too [​IMG]

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