Chicken being bullied and has injury help!

Kate Shaw

Jan 24, 2019
Avon, NY
Looking for advice:
My Buff was injured on head near her eye and her neck...there was some bleeding and and many lost feathers. I cleaned the wound with peroxide and some triple antibiotic ointment.
She was definitely shaken up and was hiding out in an egg box. We have had a sudden and dramatic increase in temps this week so I was concerned that she wasn’t leaving for food or water.
I moved her to a secure location away from the flock in a dog crate. Her behavior seems normal- eating, drinking and foraging.
My question is what do I do with her at night? Sneak her back to the coop once the rest are all in for the night? Once she’s healed, is there any special that needs to be done to bring her back to the flock?
Thanks in advance!!!
Did the flock injure her or was she attacked by "something" and the flock was picking at her wounds?

If you can get some photos of her injuries that may be helpful.
How much space do you have in your coop/run?

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