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Chicken books (will ship)

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by alicefelldown, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. alicefelldown

    alicefelldown Looking for a broody

    Aug 18, 2008
    Now that we're no longer raising chickens, it's time to send these books to someone else who will benefit more than my bookcase would.

    Books will ship USPS Parcel Post at cost so please send me your zip code.

    Qty Condition Price Description
    Incubation at Home (Gold Cockerel Books)

    1 Like-New $12 This guide to using small incubators in the home or classroom looks at the various types of incubators, the necessary preparation and the actual incubation. It covers the sexing and rearing of the chicks, and possible problems, as well as tips for teachers and useful addresses.
    An Introduction to Color Forms of the Domestic Fowl: A Look at Color Varieties and How They Are Made

    1 Like-New $20 In this introduction to the genetics of color and pattern in the domestic fowl you will find a direct and straightforward method that allows anyone to understand the process through which the varieties of the domestic fowl are made. Beginning with a discussion of pigment distribution, then adding the genes which modify the melanin pigments or add patterns to it, an understanding of the "layers" that are implicit in any variety is revealed. The focus in this volume is the many standard color varieties of poultry and the aim is helping any breeder to understand the workings of these many varieties. The language of this book is designed for beginners to be able to easily understand the material.
    Pastured Poultry Profits by Joel Salatin
    1 Like-New $22 Joel began raising chickens when he was 10 years old and serendipitously fell into the pastured poultry concept a couple of years later when a pair of unused portable rabbit runs became available. Still the centerpiece of the farm, and the engine that drives sales, notoriety, and profit, pastured poultry has revolutionized countless farming endeavors around the world. A hard core how-to book, this includes all the stories and tips, from brooding to marketing. Centered around meat chickens, it includes a section on layers and turkeys. Many would say this book started the American pastured poultry movement.
    The Orpington Fowl, 2nd Edition by Will Burdett

    1 Like-New (limited run, out of print) $56 The Orpington Fowl has to be THE book to have on your bookshelf if you are interested in the Orpington breed. The book starts by telling the story of how William Cook created and then sold the Orpington to all corners of the World. He created a dual purpose utility bird that also became popular at poultry shows. It tells us how the breed characteristics have slowly been altered to meet the novelty of the time and the judge's tastes. We learn how the different colours of Orpington came about, starting with the Black, White and the World famous Buff. Each of these three has a chapter devoted to them with the other Orpington colours being combined into another chapter. There are details on the Australorp that descended from the Original Black Orpington as well as a short chapter on the bantam versions of Orpington.

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