Chicken brooding duck eggs!


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Last year my pekin Wendi had three broods over (southern) summer. The first she laid in the chicken egg box and the next 2 in her own duck house. The first brood this year failed and she has laid a second, again in the chicken coop nest box. The chickens kept laying there as well. All good but about a week ago I noticed one of the chickens (4 yo red isa called Red) is now brooding the duck eggs. also laying her own eggs but no rooster so they are infertile and I remove them to eat.

Wendi is back off walking around with father Bob (black cayuga) and seems indifferent now while Red is sitting on them 24/7. So my question is basically how will this affect the ducklings? Warmth won't be a problem as it is mid-summer here. When they are born will they bond with the chicken "mother"? There is a small pond that in the past the ducklings have taken to the day after hatching. Will they still go on it out of instinct? Will the real mother duck recognise them? Last year she had a daughter from the second brood who was more of a mother to the third brood than she was, who acted like their mother!

Any thoughts based on your experience of chickens brooding ducks is welcome!

The chicken eggs may be her sister Neetie's eggs, not Red's.

ps. I did see some older threads on this topic from 2010 but maybe there are some more recent updates.
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Oct 26, 2015
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there won't be any problems, the hen doesn't know when day 21 comes so she'll keep setting till they hatch. if your chicken eggs were fertile and you left one it could be an issue as she'd likely abandon the nest before the duck eggs had hatched to take the chick to feed.

they will bond with her but she will not lead them to water (other then drinking), as they get older they will go on their own most times.
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