Chicken bullies! Help!

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  1. heiditam

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    Aug 8, 2014
    I have 4 hens from one place and 4 from another. They were separated but are now together at night, and they do well during roost time. But I am finding that I need to separate them during feedings because 4 of the hens from one flock will not let the other 4 eat! or drink! :( They are not so bad that they peck to draw blood or constantly peck peck peck for no reason. They just guard the food and water and will peck and chase the others away! :( I tried putting food and water at the other end of the coop, but when one of the bullies sees another flock member eating or drinking at the other end, they chase them off and eat in that area instead. :/ Help?
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    You might want to give the pecked on ones a few minutes once or twice a day separated from the others so they can eat and drink in peace. I would continue with the two feeding stations, in spite of how they acted, because they will still have a little better access, and hopefully this will improve with time.

    If you can increase the space that the group has, that would probably be the most helpful thing. Things like hanging cabbages and flock blocks may help, also new things to roost or jump on, hide in or under, etc.
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    Aug 13, 2014
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    I had the exact same problem last couple of weeks with a beautiful Speckled Sussex that I loved.
    In the end I sold her because she was a terror!
    She wouldn't let the others eat or drink anything.
    I'd go out and they'd all be roosting on the ladder and her crop would look like a soccer ball!

    Now, the yard is peaceful and the hens seem happier.

    I'd put the bully in time out for a few days and if that doesn't work, I'd rehome her.
    That's what worked for me.

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