Chicken cannot use, move, possibly feel one leg.


May 12, 2015
This is my first post on this website, and I hope I'm not missing any required "Welcome to the Forum" section or anything, but this is relatively significant. Below is all the information as per the "Please read first" thread.

1) Black Australorp, five years old, roughly the same weight as the others though she is the only black australorp and thus I have nothing to compare it to.
2) Hen is unable to use one leg, but is still moving around fine (albeit hopping on one foot) and entirely aware, there are no other abnormalities.
3) There have been symptoms for two days, as of this post.
4) No other chickens exhibit anything remotely similar.
5) There is no bleeding or any other visible injuries, and the leg does not feel broken (Doesn't bend, the bones all feel as though they are still... in one piece.) The hen doesn't seem to feel any pain upon touching the leg, either.
6) I am unaware of what caused this.
7) The chicken has been eating/drinking normally, Layer Crumbles, occasional scratch, and foraging in our yard.
8) The poop appears to be normal.
9) I have administered no treatment, as I do not know what the issue is.
10 ) If possible, I would like the treat it myself, as there are no veterinarians in this area that... work with birds.
11) I do not have a picture.

It does not seem to be marek's, as it only affects one leg (the right side), as well as her being perfectly alert and not having the grey irises associated with the disease. Also, as mentioned, is does not seem to be broken, just immobile.


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Being five years old, unless you have added any new birds that might have been a carrier of Mareks, would be pretty unlikely. But Mareks typically causes paralysis of one or both legs or wings, and the gray eye that is part of ocular Mareks, is not present in many birds with the disease. I hope you can figure out if it was an injury, or what is going on. You may want to give some poultry vitamins in her water on case of a possible deficiency that is causing it.

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