Chicken can't use wing (very unbalanced, stiff)

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  1. Ok, so here's the deal. We have this little production red, hasn't layed in days and has been sitting in the nest box. The only thing that kept me from setting eggs under her was that she was very timid and didnt seem to like the eggs
    Well I set her out of the box, boom, she fell over. She can barely balance! So I brought her in, and looked at her foot. It seemed fine. So I then just thought 'screw it. If you wanna know how to swim throw 'em in the deep end!'. So I gave her a small toss in hopes she'd flapped and run a little. Instead, her wing stayed folded up, the other outstretched a little, and she just flopped. I set her on the couch and tried to outstretch the wing that didnt move. She began to pant immediately, (still is) and act in pain. The wing was VERY stiff, and to make it outstretch like a normal wing I feel like I'd have to break it. Other wing is normal.
    Do you think she broke it, and the days in the nest box the wing mended itself, but incorrectly? If that's the case, I would let her live a normal, crooked wing life, but she can barely walk!
  2. Bump... She's like a turtle with one leg on the middle in its body.. Just flops around... Poor girl
  3. It's liek she's paralysed on one side.... I don't think she's eating, she's slowly dying ):
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    I am so sorry to hear about your girl... I too have one that appears to be paralysed on one side of her body... however I did see her "jump" from a wall without flapping her wings and she landed with a thud on the concrete floor... I have isolated mine for now... I hope somebody here can enlighten you as to what may have happened and how to treat your girl.
  5. She's still alive.
    Yes, mine will do that too. She started walking, got off balance, sped up, then ran off the couch into the table /: I feel so bad. I emailed a vet, maybe he can enlighten us
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    Now, as a disclaimer, as someone that has a Marek's positive flock, I tend to "see" Marek's in a lot of situations, but it might not be Marek's.

    This is something that Marek's disease can look like, though. Can you share any photos with us? Any other symptoms? Was this bird vaccinated as a chick for Marek's disease? Have you introduced any new chickens since you got her, or personally visited anywhere else that had chickens? Have you lost any other birds in the last year or two?
  7. I believe all birds we got were mareks vaccinated.
    Any other birds lost was due to dogs / fox.
    No other symptoms then what I said, but she is panting
    Will post pics in a sec. Anything specific? I just noticed she ran off the couch and got a pic of her laying on her side.
  8. Oh my god! We've NEVER bought the mareks vaccination according to my mom, ***? I thought we ALWAYS bought it!
    She's been like this for 2 weeks, and has interacted with chickens, ducks, pigeons and chukars.
    And they're at the fair too.
    Oh my god, if she has mareks, that means everyone she's interacted with has gotten it.
    And I took them to the fair.
    Thus, infecting all the other birds.
    Am I overreacting?
    What do I do for the other birds?
    If it was mareks, then wouldn't the others be infected by now?

    Noooooooooooo!!! Bad bad bad chicken week!!!!
  9. Can you eat a chicken with mareks?
    Can chukars get mareks?
    Can ducks get mareks?
    How long would It take for mareks to show in infected birds, if she does, in fact, have mareks?
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