Chicken Coop 101


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Mar 6, 2014
Lehigh Valley, PA
This is an instructional video my son made for first time chicken keepers. It covers some of the most important topics for keeping your coop/run comfortable for your birds, and predator proof! We made this video to give as much info in a short video (6 minutes), as we could.
We didn't cut any corners with safety, hardware cloth fastened with screws and large fender washers everywhere. Also, we buried it 12 inches around the entire perimeter. There have been foxes we've witnessed doing laps around the chickens, unable to find a weak spot to breach.

Hope this video helps! There is also a DIY feeder video and a DIY waterer video, check them out!

Chicken Coop 101

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Nov 7, 2021
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Being married to a man who is a cross between MacGuyver and Crocodile Dundee I think he can handle the waterer, coop and feeder. I am stoked. Thank you so much for this young son!

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