Chicken coop before and after


9 Years
Aug 19, 2010
north central indiana
My Coop
My Coop
dh bought me a nice little coop but it wasn't really ME. I like bright colors and this coop was brown. So I painted it.
(with dh and ds's help). Plus he put a new roof on it-the one that came with it was really cheap shingles that were damaged by wind. And it wasn't even severe wind. Here's a before/after of the front. More pics, including the inside, on my blog here:



eta: one thing I am not thrilled with about this coop is how high the nest boxes are. The coop itself is only about 4' (at the walls) so they're not really far from the floor, but it's not easy to put a roost higher than the boxes. So the roost will be just a little bit higher. Hopefully that will work out. The original roost was about the same height as the nest boxes or maybe even lower.
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nice work! I really like your new roof - I wanted that kind of roof on mine, but my husband won out with shingles instead. Remember, your roost only has to be higher than the FLOOR of your egg boxes - unless there is some way for them to sit on top of them inside the coop?

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