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    First post so hello and many thanks for taking the time to reply

    I have just purchased my coop

    I have a large garden and am looking to keep 4 birds now that I have ordered the Coop what else should I buy, not looking to buy the birds until the end of Feb or early March (let the cold weather pass)

    Feeder/Water Plastic or Metal ?
    Should I have a feeder inside the coop and also one in the run ?
    Whats the best type of bedding ? for the nest box
    Treatments required ?

    Also after reading on the forums and google I have different advice on what to do with the coop when it arrives, after putting it together I have read
    Put a coat of varnish on the outside
    Dont do anything its new and has been pre treated already
    Use creosote inside and out
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    Sep 21, 2011
    does the coop come allready varnihed? if not, i would just do whatever treatment you would like to seal the wood. be it pain, stain, or varnish. you will need bedding for the nestboxes. i use straw, others use wood shavings. you also need to consider how you will clean out the coop. you may want to put straw or piece of lenolium on the floor of the coop to ease the efforts. the straw will also help keep your girls warm in the winter months. you will need a feeder and waterer. i keep mine soely outside the coop. my area is not big enough, and the girls would make a mess if it were inside. well, thats my 2 cents. good luck and have fun !
  3. Exibit

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    Thanks again for the reply I have now bought the following

    2.5kg Plastic Feeder
    6 Litre Heavy Duty Plastic Chicken Drinker
    Mixed Poultry Corn 2.5kg
    Farmgate Pellets 20kg
    Disposable Gloves Box Of 100
    Poultry Shield Concentrate 5 Litres
    1 Litre Plastic Grit Hopper
    Flint Chick Grit 2.5kg
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    [​IMG] Agree. I do keep food/water inside as well, but my coop is a larger walk-in. That coop looks pretty tight space-wise. I'd keep the feeder beneath the shelter to protect it from rain as much as possible (wet feed = mold = bad). If you get cold winters, you will not want a plastic waterer - as they can freeze/crack. Otherwise, anything goes really.
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    Where did you find your coop? And can I ask how much? We built one but it cost too much and it just doesnt work. And as much as I spent on that one, Im pretty sure I can buy one at the same price or less. I love your coop by the way!
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  7. wava1vaughn

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    Hi from Ga. Looks like you have everything under control. It's not necessary to go overboard the chicks will love anything you do for them. It looks great and have a lot of fun. [​IMG]
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    My Coop
    Many of the online chicken coops are built rather cheaply in terms of their actual size and the quality of the wood. Your coop is only about 4 feet at it's highest point and the width is just under 3 feet. You may find that you only have room for two hens. I would definitely look at treating the coop with a water sealer otherwise you might find many of the boards warping after the first rainy season. I'd be interested in you assessment of the coop once you receive it and put it together.
  9. Exibit

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    mikenorthwest thanks for the reply - will gladdy let you know whats it like once I have sealed it, the below is the specifaction

    Cost $229.87 (converted from £ to $)
  10. Mrs. Fluffy Puffy

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    Looks great! You will have some nice healthy, active chickies!! Congrats!


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