chicken coop is done!!


5 Years
Apr 1, 2015
our coop is finally finished! we purchased 6 RIR chicks back in March and boy do these things grow like weeds!!!!!! We just finished the coop yesterday and they spent their first night in it last night. they DO NOT like that ladder, let me tell ya!
I had to catch them one by one and put them up top. They made their way down this morning on their own...hopefully they will figure it out...

We used the plans from this website they are FREE and super easy to follow. we spent very little moolah in supplies bc our friend gave us some 2x4s he had laying around. our main expense was the plywood, wood siding, and hardware. It took us roughly 3 days to build it (I have never done anything like this before), so if you decide to use the plans, give yourself a weekend.

here they are in all their glory! you can see their water bucket hanging. i opted for poultry nipples bc they are MUCH cleaner! you can also see the PVC feeder at the bottom right of the pic

the top of the coop where they will sleep and (eventually) lay their eggs. already covered in poo

the top doors open up to clean and gather eggs.

they are loving this roosting pole!


Mar 28, 2015
Very nice.
I hope to have my coop done by this weekend... I totally understand your statement about them growing like weeds ... mine are WAY too big to be in a brooder still!

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