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  1. BernieTheMighty

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    Mar 3, 2015
    Has anyone here ever made a chicken coop out of a pop up camper? We have a less than great shape one (the structure is fine, it is everything else that is wrong with it), my husband was going to use it for a trailer but we have had it about 2 years now and it is still folded up just hanging out in the yard.

    I was thinking, instead of making one from scratch, of just using the camper. Set it up, tear out the insides, put netting? chicken wire? in some spots, secure windows and doors, and put nesting boxes in one of the "wings" with a lift up back panel to get to the eggs. Obviously board a lot of it up so it is secure and safe from the elements/animals.

    This way it would be movable, the bottom would be secure from animals, and it is mostly already constructed.
  2. KentuckyMom

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    Jul 15, 2013
    Foster, Kentucky
    Sounds like an intriguing idea to me. If you have something readily available that can be modified, why not?
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    Cover all the windows/openings and replace any fabric with 1/2" hardware cloth to deter predators.

    Once you start tearing into ti, if it looks like it won't work, then you'll have the trailer partway there!
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  4. Alaskan

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    sounds like a wonderful idea

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