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10 Years
Mar 7, 2009
Been trying to look on the web for any free plans for building coops but with no luck! Does anyone know of any good sites with this info... or does anyone have any plans of one they could share with me?

Any help would be great!
My husband found lots of good pics by going to Borders Books. Our library has lots of books, too (all checked out right now!). We found lots and lots of pics on the internet, but not enough details!

mammy's 1895 chicken house

my dream house
free plans
Last edited: was a dead end, as was . . . ? brings up zero on the homepage. Using their search for "mammy's 1895 chicken house" brought up nothing. Nothing was found just using "chicken house." I had to use google search with "" to find the page to download "Mammy's 1895 chicken house."

At 8' by 16', Mammy's may be a bit large. The Purina plans, SewingDiva posted, are about right for a very small backyard flock. The 6' by 6' Buildeazy plans from Schroeder look good. Nice to have the material list.

And then there's this 5' by 8' house from a British site (despite the image what must be one of America's homeliest "farmers" at the top of the page

I just came across these plans for an 8' by 8' coop. The guy is Danish as best as I can figure it but his dimensions are all in American English.

I appreciate seeing these things on the internet even tho' I'm not in the market for a new coop. Seems like there are not too many of these simple plans out there.

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