Chicken dead from injury!!! NEED ANSWERS


Jan 20, 2020
Port Hope Simpson (Labrador), NL
I just had a pullet die, she was 17 weeks. I noticed this past Saturday that her leg was out in front of her and she was walking on the back part of her leg, where her leg bends. *I can’t remember the name of it*, I took her inside and she was still able to hobble around, eating and drinking a little. Today I noticed her barely able to breathe so I thought she was too warm, when I picked her up she started grunting a Little and immediately just layed down in the grass with her wings out. I brought her back inside, and she pooped all over me and the floor, she then let her head hang and took her last breaths, she vomited a little and had a small seizure then died. This broke my heart but the reason I’m writing this is I’m wondering if a chicken can die of septic shock? Or possibly a dislocated leg or broken leg. Yes I know the lameness sounds like markes diseases but she had no other symptoms! Her eyes didn’t change colour, her feather follicles were healthy and fine, she wasn’t blind, her neck and wing were not paralyzed and she still managed to hobble!
After she died we had a quick look at her, the injured leg could bend easily and move side to side, the healthy leg could not! I couldn’t not feel any breaks but I can’t be certain!
Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated as I’m terrified the rest of my flock are at risk!

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