Chicken Declining rapidly, showing neurological symptoms

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Strix Hill

Sep 24, 2019
Hi all -

I have a chicken in rapid decline:

She is a one year old Cream Crested Legbar.

Symptoms started as weight loss during molt over the past week. Then lethargic (i.e. she doesn't try to get away when I go to pick her up - unusual, they aren't pets), not using roost, droopy wings (Sunday).

Today progressed to undigested food in stool (and watery); loss of coordination; rhythmic twitch of head to the side. Pale comb with one small black spot (unsure if peck or pox mark). No other symptoms that I am observing. Breathing fine, no discharge from nose or eyes. Have inspected thoroughly for mites. Did not detect as eggbound. Unsure about state of crop - perhaps a bit soft? No signs of bleeding, injury, broken bones or other sign of trauma.

No other birds exhibiting symptoms. She has been isolated since Sunday night.

She was eating and drinking this am, but now seems uninterested.

Treatment so far: isolation, high value food. She has not been wormed. In her given state, I don;t want to worm unless there are clear indications it is warranted.

Intent: I'm having trouble identifying what may be the issue. The neuro symptoms really have me thrown. I can't afford the vet for her, but will readily treat on my own if we can id the cause (and there is a treatment). So far, I've been making her comfortable.

She and my other hens (13 total) live in a coop room inside my barn (10'x12'), with daily access to electric-fortified free range in paddocks (2 goats, 3 pigs) and pasture. Deep litter wood shavings, changed just two weeks ago. I have had mice getting into the coop the last couple weeks, in case that's a clue to anything. (Again, isolated now)

Very grateful for any advice!!!!
Hi, I'm new to the forum, and not sure if there is anything I need to do to bring this to folks attention. Anyone have any ideas for me - on how to get this seen, or what might be wrong with my girl?

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