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    Apr 23, 2009
    Hi! I'm new here, but it seems like a fun site! [​IMG]

    My science class did that chick/duckling project that always comes around during the spring. The teacher asked if anybody wanted to adopt them and I didn't say anything but decided to research both of them at home. Reading MANY MANY chicken guides, I decided it would be fun to have some!

    I have a large backyard, but we would like them to stay away from the grass in the center, so I thought to make a nice "coop" out of our old run-down playground. I don't need help with that, I've already figured out how to make that nice and predator-safe, but I want to put a fence around that corner of playground (it's pretty big) and thought to make it with chicken wire and some wood. Not being an expert, I'm now thinking, how will I get in? [​IMG] How do I make a from that that I can go through but predators can't. (They're isnt really any that I know of, no hawks, stray dogs, possums, raccoons, etc, but need to be safe!)

    Any ideas? I know the answer is probably obvious, but again, I'm not an expert. xP Thanks!

  2. Not exactly sure about door but you should try 1 or 2 ducks as well. they can live with chickens and are just as easy to take care of get them a little kiddie pool and you are set Trust me [​IMG]
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    Apr 23, 2009
    I was thinking of doing that! [​IMG]
    Are they loud? I have neighbors, and one of them have very loud dogs so...[​IMG]
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    Where do you live? EVERYBODY has predators. Really truly. At the very least, there are hawks and loose dogs everywhere; and most places in the continental US have raccoons, yes, even in cities (you just don't *see* them. They will certainly see your chickens, though).

    Chickenwire is not really a predator-safe fencing. I'd encourage you to find some used chainlink if you know how to install it, or get heavy-gauge 2x4" welded wire mesh.

    To get into the run, all you need to do is make a gate [​IMG] It is not hard at all. Once you have your plans all set, in terms of exact materials, we can walk you through building and installing a gate.

    You may get chickens flying over your fence if they have no grass in their run and can see it on the other side... may want at least deer/trellis netting on the top of the run.

    Good luck, have fun,


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