Chicken died after torn acl injury


5 Years
Apr 19, 2014
Our 1 year old Ameracauna Pot Pie died today- a week after she tore her acl. Doc did X-rays and bandaged her leg. Prescribed rimadyl for pain. She was in a lot of pain.
Doc also found a broken egg in her.
We followed the vets advice and separated her from her sisters -crated her. She got constant love and care from us. She never laid another egg. The vets prognosis was "fair" for Pot Pie even after 4-6 weeks of cage rest.
I'm honestly not sure if she died from the injury, the meds, an infection from the broken egg, loneliness. We were there when she does. My 9 yr old daughter is heartbroken. It makes us very sad.
We feed our girls organic layer feed, proper calcium and only treat with mealworms or bananas grapes and other fruits. They also roam around in a secure tractor we move all over the yard.
Anyone have a chicken die from an injury that's not necessarily fatal?
Thank you dawg53. I'm just questioning everything we did to care for her. Wonder if she would've survived had we not bandaged her or separated her from her sisters?
Pot Pie was a clutsy chicken. She was also our biggest bird, but at the bottom of the pecking order. She fell off of the ramp in their coop. She seemed to fall off of it a lot I she wasn't looking where she was going. After this last fall, she started to limp a bit,-the next day she was hardly able to walk so we took her to the vet for X-rays.
We are so sad about losing our sweet girl.
Savagedestiny - I was thinking the broken egg might've occurred due to stress after hurting herself. That egg never came out. Ugh.
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