chicken died in the night?


8 Years
May 2, 2011
my goldenlaced wyandotte was bawking up a storm all day yesterday. this morning i found her dead in the coup when i went to check for eggs. she appeared to be very healthy as does the rest of my flock so i have no idea what happened. if anyone else has had this problem i would just like to know if it is possible the rest of my birds could be sick or could she have had an egg stuck in her or something that could have caused death. she was only about 5 months old and just recently started laying.
It sounds like a stuck egg mightve caused her death. Sorry for your loss. Next time you see something like this, try soaking in warm water and massaging her underside.
thanks, i thought she was starting to crow to take the role of a rooster, she was still walking around like normal and eating, just alot noisier, if it happens to my other birds i'll try warm water

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