Chicken, duck, turkey and goose eggs question.


10 Years
Feb 2, 2009
Chicken, duck, turkey and goose.

They all lay eggs.

However, the chicken eggs are the only ones offered for sale.

I am wondering how the other eggs are, as far as eating and taste is concerned?

I would assume as far as baking is concerned, the chemical function is the same and it's just a volume adjustment.

But what about the taste?

How would the taste be if they were over easy, hard boiled or scrambled?

Anyone have any first hand experience with this?
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to me and the hunny duck eggs taste the same as chicken-fried,boiled, and scrambled we never had goose
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Ive tried turkey duck and chickens eggs.They are all very similar exept duck eggs have wayyyyyy more nutrition,which includes fat and cholesteral.
Is there some sort of "duck egg equivalency" formula (1 duck = 2 chicken or whatever) for baking? My Khakis are just starting to lay and I'm thinking of starting a to-order cheesecake baking business to make use of the eggs (aside from the ones we're going to eat for breakfast). I sell extra chicken eggs but not sure my customers will eat "duck" eggs, although a friend suggested I just tell family customers they are really big chicken eggs...... Thx- leigh
Yep baking with duck eggs makes everything tast good

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