Chicken eaten dog,. total look of guilt!

I owned a puppy once that was a gift,. she was beautiful,. but killed anything that moved,.. more like a cat than a dog,. I thought it was just her,.. we gave her away to a home with no other pets,.. I wonder if that breed has many like this???
The Weims are a hunting breed, and are good dogs. They are not a breed for someone who doesn't want to bother to train them, as they are a very busy-minded breed, and need a job to do. People need to do some research before buying a dog! They are very smart and trainable, it's the owners who are ignorant and lazy!
Absolutely agreed. The "Grey Ghosts" are absolutely wonderful dogs, but #1 Rule of dog owning is Know Your Breed. I highly recommend Weims for hunters, but I wave red flags about them for farmers.
Guilty, guilty, guilty!! I agree... it's all over her face.
Yes,. I agree wholeheartedly,.. I was surprised to be given one as a gift,. seeing I had a small yard and did not hunt,.. I should mention that she was an obedient and well mannered dog otherwise and gentle with everyone she met,.. just really, really liked to hunt and kill small animals,.. she is old , fat and sassy and adored now on the farm she went to,. it worked out well for her and the family,..( they had no chickens!)

Still,.. going back to that dogs photo,..that poor dog knows it's guilty!!!! just look at that face.

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