Chicken Egg?


7 Years
Aug 14, 2012
Elmore Alabama
I just went to collect the eggs for the day and I got a special surprise. I am not sure it is a chicken egg but it has to be. It is so small Is this normal? I have several different breeds of Bantam size chickens and this must be the first egg of one of my chickens But as you can see in the picture the top one is a rhode island red and the other two are the eggs from my bantam chickens ( polish, silkie, belgian d'uccle,and black Japanese bantam along with a few mixed bantam hens) But as you see the little egg is way smaller than my smallest bantam egg? Any ideas? And do you think it can hatch? the bowl is a small cereal bowl just so you know how small.The egg is about the size of the end of my thumb. Is it possible for a chicken egg to be this small?
Yep! It may be just small because it is the hens first egg, or it may always be like that. I'm not too familiar with the egg size for all breeds but atleast my seramas lay eggs that size. Is it possible you could weigh the egg?

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