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    Apr 21, 2015
    I am really excited to report that I have 8 eggs in my incubator, 4 of which ( so far ) are showing signs of life. The other 4 it is just too soon to tell, but by the end of this week I should know if they were fertile to begin with.
    So Dad is Curly... I have posted him here before. Dad is what I think might be a White Leghorn. He's a big boy and a good protector of his hens. I am not sure about who mom is for 4 of the brown eggs, but I do have 4 green eggs from my Easter Egger Bri. Any idea of what the babies might look like? The other three who could be mom are a female leg horn or what looks to be like a female leg horn, a production Red and lastly a Cochan Bantam. Here are some pics... I'm so excited. My first egg is due to hatch on April 8th.
    [​IMG] Curly
    [​IMG]Miss S.
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    Super exciting! Please make sure to post pictures of your babies to this thread when they hatch! :)
    I don't think the two white chickens (curly and lauren) are white leghorns. White leghorns are thin and wiry, with combs that flop over to one side; they also have white earlobes (see pic below)
    Your chickens may instead be white plymouth rocks (see pic below) or single comb rhode island whites
    The babies from the production red will probably be white or light brown. The babies with the EE momma will probably be white and have muffs and a beard. The babies from the barred cochin will probably be barred or black.
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    Jun 19, 2015
    Thank you so much for the update on what breeds my chickens and Rooster are!!! I appreciate the feedback.

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