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  1. Lisa Kurtz

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    Oct 11, 2012
    I have a Silkie hen who was diagnosed with tumors in her reproductive tract a year ago. She was given like 2 months to live. She was well until now. She is unable to stand or keep her balance and is dying. Do vets do any euthanasia other than a heart stick? I spoke to my local vet and that is what they do. I don't agree with that. I will be calling the "Chicken Vet", but he is an hour away...just wanted input. Thanks.
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    I know it sounds harsh, but the axe, a broomstick, or a hatchet is quick and humane. It ends the suffering quickly and costs nothing.

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  3. ChickensRDinos

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    Aug 19, 2012
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    x2 It sounds violent but separating the brain stem causes instant death. No suffering. I'm really sorry.
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  4. Lescas5795

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    Sep 29, 2012
    I read on one of these threads how someone put the chicken in a box closed it up and put auto exaust into it. The chicken went to sleep and had passed within 2 minutes. That is what I would do. It seems much less violent. Sorry about your baby.
  5. Lisa Kurtz

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    Oct 11, 2012
    Thanks for everyone's responses. Lisa
  6. LizaBlue

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    Oct 26, 2010
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    I had to read up on this subject recently and ran across a rather unusual but possibly humane way to do it. Apparently, some Starter Fluid's - engine starter spray - have a form of ether as a main ingredient. Ether was used for anesthesia in humans for decades. Making a container leak proof, enclosing the bird and somehow exposing it to a significant amount of the spray and letting it sleep to death was suggested without clear instructions. On the one hand, doing it well seemed tricky, on the other hand, it seemed very humane.

    Another suggestion I read was to use Benadryl / Diphenhydramine. They did not give dosage. 4 x 25mg capsules will not do for a tiny chicken. The chicken got hyper, over an hour of waiting later, we chose alternate method.

    You have my sympathies, especially as we just got news today that we might have to exterminate our entire flock.

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