Chicken Euthanasia

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    Apr 25, 2010
    Would appreciate hearing some thoughts from those who have (sadly) experienced both the 'natural' death of your chickens as well as the 'euthanized by a vet' route, when that seemed appropriate. With any species, I think the 'humanity' of euthanasia can well depend on the experience and capability of the vet, as well as condition of the animal.
    I know in our area we had trouble, but did find a vet to treat our chickens - but she acknowledged that it was her first time laying hands on chickens since vet school.
    We have some aging hens who have responded to various treatments, but in general we see the writing on the wall for them. In fact I found one of my very first two chickens dead in the coop this morning. I want to take the most humane route for the girls going forward, but I guess I'm questioning for chickens what that might seem to be. I'm sure it's a painful topic, but your experiences and knowledge will help me going forward (did it seem to go as well as possible, or was it a struggle to 'find the vein etc)...much appreciated.
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    So sorry about your hens. I have to put down my favorite girl last week. I wouldn't have had it any other way. She deserved to go peacefully.

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