Chicken experts or scientists needed!!?!?!!

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    Hi all!

    My english class is working on something called the Genius Project. Every student gets to choose a problem to solve and they get to decide how to solve it- every project is unique to the individual. Last year I bought two chickens, a black australorp and a delware, and because i love them so much, i decided to base my project off of them. My problem is that even though chickens are highly intelligent and make great pets, they are very underrated. I was originally going to slve this problem through a series of vlogs featuring me training my chickens to do simple chicken tricks. But with more research, I realized that chickens are capable of waaay more things! So i decided to, instead, recreate the experiments done to prove the intelligence of chickens. The problem is that I need more research and resources and chicken scientist/experts. I found Lori Marino and Carolynn Smith but I kind of need more people to ask questions and interview (???? i guess). Would anybody know any credible resources or people? Sorry for the long paragraph, haha i felt like i had no one to turn to except the BYC members because this topic is so unusual. If you have any suggestions for my project or whatever please feel free to let me know, any suggestions are welcome. I haven't started the training sessions yet so nothing much to see as of the moment :))). Please let me know if you know anything!
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    Hi and [​IMG]

    You might be able to pull some information from a BBC production called "The Private Life of Chickens". It's out on YouTube so you can watch it. It's really interesting and part of it covers the intelligence of chickens, including the tests they did.

    Good luck with your project and thanks for joining us!
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    marking my spot to return later.
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