Chicken falling over on side!

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  1. steeleygreg

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    May 29, 2012
    Last week I suspect a hawk attack my chicken coop, leaving in its wake one chicken which was decapitated, and a rhode island red which was laying on the ground breathing in short but rapid breaths. One eye was red with closed eye-lid, the other functional and looked normal. She also had two fallen marks on her neck from this attack.
    I’ve quaranteened this chicken to a small cage of her own and have nursed her since Thursday night. I started with water out of a medical syringe at first graduating to oatmeal . She now is eating 30 ml of oatmeal twice a day. She moves her head now in a normal chicken fashion and is eating out of the spoon rather than from my finger. I’ve been suggested to get some grit in her.
    The problem is, she cannot walk currently and falls and rolls to the left if you try and set her in a straight-up position, but not standing Her legs do not appear to be broken for both legs move when she is on her side, or when you are holding her as she wants to jump out of your hand.
    Is this a common issue after an attack and am I just being to impatient with expecting her to walk again ?

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    When they panic, during an attack or something tramatic, they often injure themselves. Could be a spinal injury. You're doing a great job. Next, I would let her have regular food if she'll eat it on her own, and all you really can do is wait and see if she recovers.

    She may get better every day, or she might not........Wish I could tell you better news. It's just a time will tell thing.
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    Oct 9, 2010
    Good luck, Greg. It sounds like you are taking amazing care of your hen and I hope she pulls through.
    I hope she recovers from her injury. Kate

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